Seattle, WA Disaster Responses: We Are Available Around the Clock

Disaster responses have definitely been in the news a lot over recent weeks due to the devastating hurricanes that we have had in Florida and Texas. Here in Seattle, disaster responses can be necessary for different reasons, and we will always be ready to spring into action if you ever need immediate assistance servicing from Olympia to Bellingham. Our emergency hotline is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we arrive on the scene with everything that we need to get the job done in record time.

Flooding is a type of disaster that definitely requires a rapid response, and this is an area of expertise for our company. We have all of the equipment that is needed minimize the damage and dry out the affected areas. Plus, if there are any structural problems, we are licensed general contractors and we can facilitate resources for our clients.  We can also work directly with your insurance company to make sure that they take care of the covered disaster response costs.

Where there is an undue accumulation of water, there can be mold growth, and this fungus can have a very negative impact on your health. It can cause allergic reactions like skin rashes and nasal congestion, and the ingestion of mold can trigger asthma attacks.

Because of the hazards that are associated with disaster responses to mold growth, there are very strict guidelines that have been handed down by the Environmental Protection Agency with regard to the proper cleaning and disinfecting methodologies. Our team is led by an IAQ-certified mold remediation supervisor, so you can go forward with total confidence if you need us to react to a situation that involves mold removal and mold remediation.

We Are Here to Help!

In addition to our responses to storm damage and flooding, we can also be called upon to address other scenarios that call for the expertise of a biohazard cleanup company. We offer crime scene cleanup services, medical waste disposal, bedbug and rodent cleanups, and we also provide help for hoarders who are ready to regain control of their lives.

As we have stated, we are always on call, so you can count on us to provide a rapid response any time that you may need our services. In addition to our disaster responses in the Seattle-Renton-Tacoma area, we also serve residents of Olympia to Bellingham. If you ever need us, you can reach one of our disaster response specialists toll-free at 888-412-6300.

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