Coronavirus Disinfection

Coronavirus Disinfection & Cleaning for your home or business

Bio Clean is here to help you properly and effectively disinfect your space after a possible Covid-19 contamination. 

Serving western Washington, our team has over 22 years of experience in biohazard and contamination remediation. We have the expertise needed to ensure that your personal residence or business space is properly cleaned and disinfected from the Coronavirus.

How Our Team Cleans Coronavirus

  1. We use only CDC approved cleaning agents. (Not all products are certified by the CDC as proper cleaning agents or have the necessary dwell time to ensure that the decontamination process is complete.
  2. We have a fully trained and experienced staff that is certified in how to clean and properly dispose of bio hazards and chemical waste. To protect not only your business or residence from recontamination but also the environment.
  3. We use only approved safety and personal protective gear and approved hazmat cleanup equipment (equipment that is recommended and approved by the government for the cleanup and disinfecting of biological and hazardous waste) in the disposal of all materials used to ensure the proper disposal and the stop of contamination at the source (any surface that the virus is on at the time the disinfectant makes contact with the virus).
  4. We ensure the proper dwell time (the time a chemical is left on a surface to kill the contaminate) is used for all cleanup products used on site in the removal of all virus and biohazard material. Our employees are trained specifically in the best use practices as outlined by the CDC for the proper disinfecting of the coronavirus.
  5. Our coronavirus procedures are in strict accordance with the CDC to ensure all local, state and federal laws are closely adhered to in the decontamination and disposal process.
    We consistently consult with the CDC to ensure that our coronavirus cleanup and disinfecting practices are up to date with the latest CDC’s recommendations and procedures.

As a leader in the Western Washington area for biohazard and infectious disease cleanup, the staff at Bio Clean Inc. can help ensure your health is maintained during the cleanup and removal of the coronavirus.

For questions and/or a quote on a complete cleanup of your business or residence, call us at 1-888-412-6300.

When the worst happens, we are here to help.