Trauma Scene Clean Up in Lynnwood, Bellingham, Everett

Decontamination & Cleanup

Bio Clean, Inc. is a certified Decontamination Cleanup Contractor. What does that mean? It means that we’ve received the training and passed the tests that demonstrate our understanding of the procedures that must be followed to decontaminate a space, structure, property, or person.

It means that we’re the people you want when the worst happens. Not only will we will respond compassionately, but also competently.

Cleaning Up

We specialize in deep cleaning hoarder houses, employing decontamination and cleanup methods tailored to the level of contamination. Depending on the severity, cleaning or washing, removal, or a combination thereof may be necessary. Our experience emphasizes the importance of thorough washing, often requiring repetition to ensure effectiveness. In cases of heavy contamination, tearing out and rebuilding the interior may prove more cost-effective than repeated washing, especially considering factors like the condition of materials and surface porosity. Ultimately, gutting and replacing with new materials offer the most effective solution for completely eliminating contamination.

Using Certified Contractors

Using an experienced, certified contractor is important. Why? Because it helps you to obtain a more accurate initial assessment of the degree and extent of contamination to better understand:

  • Whether to wash, gut, combination wash/gut, or demolish the property
  • Whether environmental sampling is required and to what extent
  • Securing a more accurate cost estimate and timeline for the work needing to be done
  • Articulating the situation to insurance adjusters to maximize your potential for coverage
  • Having properly trained workers and the right equipment to decontaminate safely and efficiently
  • The approach to minimize your liability of injury to others
  • Having the property decontaminated and cleaned up properly
  • Using recognized, certified decontamination contractors who work under the precautionary principle of minimizing any lingering risks of exposure
  • Documenting the decontamination process and disposal of contaminated materials
  • Obtaining defensible post-cleanup sampling results


Let our experience help you! Bio Clean, Inc. has been doing methamphetamine and other illicit drug contamination cleanup since 2000. We have completed more of these cleanups in Washington State than any other certified contractor. After reviewing this information, please don’t hesitate to call us and let us help you get your property back to clean as cost-effectively and quickly as possible

The EPA’s Voluntary Guidelines for Methamphetamine Laboratory Cleanup is a reference you may wish to read to understand some of the details and intricacies of methamphetamine decontamination and cleanup. Keep in mind this EPA document is not meant to supersede municipal, county, or state guidance documents, regulations or statutes. For instance, in the State of Washington, most local health jurisdictions have their own set of regulations and guidance documents that set forth how decontamination projects need to be done.