Crime Scene Clean Up

Bio Clean’s professional cleaners and medical waste disposal technicians bring homes and businesses back to normal after contamination by biohazards, medical waste, or chemical hazards such as methamphetamine production.

Biohazard Cleanup & Meth Lab Cleanup

Biohazards can range from blood, bodily fluids, sewage backups, or rodent droppings. In the event of an accident, vandalism, flooding, or pest infestation at your Lynnwood residence or commercial property, rely on the expertise of Bio Clean, Inc. for thorough biohazard disposal services. Our skilled technicians are certified by the State of Washington as meth lab remediation contractors, specializing in the cleanup of methamphetamine production sites. Since the year 2000, Bio Clean has been dedicated to neutralizing the harmful effects of meth production, effectively decontaminating meth lab environments and restoring them to a safe and non-toxic condition.

Medical Waste Disposal

If you operate a medical clinic, private medical practice, or veterinary hospital in the Lynnwood area, such as Alderwood Heights, you likely require ongoing biohazard medical waste disposal services. Bio Clean, Inc. offers safe disposal of medical waste, including sharps like hypodermic needles and used bandages, as well as other disposable medical supplies. Additionally, in neighborhoods like Martha Lake and Beverly Acres, Bio Clean extends its medical waste disposal services to individuals receiving home medical care for acute and chronic conditions. 

Death Scene Cleanup in Seattle, Washington, Tacoma, Olympia, WA, Bellingham,

Unattended Death Cleanup in Lynnwood

Whether people suffer from chronic illnesses or sudden, fatal ailments, there’s a chance they might pass away alone. To ensure that all potential biohazards are removed properly from the scene of an unattended death in Lynnwood, people in Serene Lake, Cedar Valley, and neighboring communities call upon the experts at Bio Clean, Inc.

Disaster Response

When a disaster befalls your Lynnwood neighborhood, you need a disaster response team that knows how to deal with the damage and potential contaminants.

The disaster response team at Bio Clean, Inc. will remove biohazards and decontaminate the scene, mitigating the effects of a disaster in Lynnwood with our rapid response. Bio Clean is pleased to offer its disaster response, biohazard cleanup, and other cleanup services to the people of Lynnwood, Washington. A largely residential city with a thriving city center, Lynnwood started as a farming and logging community in the latter half of the 19th century. In the late 1940s, this agricultural community was transformed by housing developments into a suburb of Seattle.

During this time, a local real estate agent named the area “Lynnwood,” in honor of his wife. Today, Lynnwood’s citizens enjoy amenities like art exhibits, continuing education, and fitness programs for all ages. Innovative city development programs like Love Your Block and the Healthy Communities Action Plan foster the wellbeing and health of the community. Bio Clean applauds Lynnwood’s commitment to the health of its citizens. Our company contributes to the health of Lynnwood by providing biohazard cleanup, unattended death cleanup, medical waste disposal, and swift disaster response. If you ever need Bio Clean’s services, just call us at (888) 412-6300. In times of disaster, disease, and difficulty, we are here for you!

Also providing death and trauma scene cleanup in Lynnwood, WA.