Meth Lab Cleanup Seattle, Tacoma, Washington

Your search for a company that offers the best meth lab cleanup services will end with us at Bio Clean. What makes us different from the rest in the industry is that we use state of the art technology and at the same time uphold the highest standard of certification in bio hazard clean up and meth lab remediation. Above all we possess a proven track record for conducting our services in a professional and discreet manner. We get it done precisely the first time. Our service areas include the whole of Clallam County and King County.

Meth exposure and its usual side effects

  • Aggressive behavior
  • Memory loss
  • Sleeplessness, paranoia, hallucinations
  • Jerking, convulsions, twitching
  • Dry, itchy and burning eyes and skin
  • Chest pain, cough, shortness of breath

Chronic health effects

  • Brain damage
  • Coma
  • Liver damage
  • Fatal lung and kidney disorders
  • Permanent psychological disorders
  • Death

In case of meth lab cleaning it is always wise to leave the task in the hands of a professional rather than trying it on your own as the chemical residues that will be left behind will be toxic resulting in serious health issues or even death. Meth can affect any part of the human body which includes the teeth, digestive system, liver, heart, brain, lungs and kidneys. Meth lab decontamination indeed is a process that is intricate and involves different steps, including assessment of the site, sampling, meth testing, all-inclusive work plan, content removal, decontamination of structure, documentation, post sampling, contacting a certified and licensed industrial hygienist and final reporting. Our team will perform all these stages safely and correctly for restoring your property once again into a healthy environment. To learn more about our services and packages speak to our customer care representative or share your queries with us through mail.

Meth Lab Cleanup Seattle, Tacoma, Washington from Bio Clean is fast, effective, and complete. Contact us for details.

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