Where Do You Turn for Biohazard Cleanup in Washington State?

Where Do You Turn for Biohazard Cleanup in Washington State?

If you are an everyday homeowner that is faced with a situation that calls for a biohazard cleanup, you probably donot know where to turn. This is understandable, and in Washingtoncommunities like Bellingham, Redmond, and Renton, biohazard cleanup services were very hard to find years ago.

However, in 1998 our founder Theresa Borst started a company named Bio Clean, a biohazard cleanup firm that has been growing by leaps and bounds ever since then. These days, if you need a qualified resource to respond to a biohazard cleanup scenario that exists after a crime like a homicide or a suicide, Bio Clean will be ready,willing, and able to respond.

In addition to these situations that call for the removal of blood and bodily fluids, we also have experience with biohazard cleanup assignments that include fecal matter that can be present as a result of incontinence or sewage spills. Serious health hazards can exist if this material is not cleaned up properly, and we have the ability to take care of these situations in a safe and effective manner.

Your Commercial Washington Biohazard Cleanup Resource

We are the undisputed go-to resource for residential biohazard cleanup situations, but our capabilities extend outward to commercial biohazard cleanup services. Our company is prepared to handle all types of biohazard cleanup jobs of any size or scope. Plus, medical waste disposal is another area of expertise for our company including the disposal of sharps like needles, syringes, test tubes, microscopic slides, etc. We work with individual doctors and dentists, laboratories, quick care facilities, hospitals, long-term care facilities, funeral homes, and any other type of medical oriented business that can require biohazard cleanup services.

Contact Bio Clean!

Our company was founded on a commitment to service in a highly sensitive field. Customer communication is important to us, and we work with many people who are experiencing very trying times. The work that we do out in the field is impeccable, and we take a lot of pride in it. At the same time, we also place an emphasis on empathetic, caring, and communicative customer service every step of the way. If you ever you need a biohazard cleanup resource Western Washington, we can be reached by phone toll-free at 888-412-6300 or at support@biocleanwa.com.






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