Tacoma, Washington Medical Waste Disposal

Bio Clean provides affordable and compliant medical waste disposal services throughout Bellingham, Everett, Redmond, Seattle, Tacoma and Washington. They are a biohazard cleanup company and one of their specialities is medical waste disposal. They manage medical waste for dental offices, medical clinics, private surgeries, doctors’ offices, hospitals, veterinary clinics, urgent care centers, walk in clinics, long term care facilities as well as the hospitality industry.

All healthcare service and activities produces medical waste. Proper medical waste disposal is essential to keep people and the environment safe. There are also legal obligations related to medical waste and the proper disposal thereof. There are also environmental concerns related to medical waste.

Medical waste can be categorised as follows:

  • Sharps
  • Biohazrd
  • Trace Chemo
  • RCRA hazard
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Radioactive

Medical waste is biohazardous waste and must be disposed of properly and professionally.  This is necessary to prevent the spreading of infectious diseases and to protect the environment from pollution and contamination. Certain medical object such as scalpels and knives are dangerous in themselves. If a practitioner of facility does not follow proper disposal procedures and methods, regulatory fines can be imposed.

Medical waste disposal practices include incineration, thermal autoclaving, irradiative methods as well as chemical and biological methods.  Medical waste such as sharps and soft wastes must be properly handled, contained, shipped, treated and disposed of in accordance with state and federal regulations.

Medical waste disposal contractors such as Bio Clean have in depth knowledge regarding regulations and they have the skills, equipment and resources to dispose of medical waste in the proper way. Most contractors offer affordable plans such as disposal mail back and waste pickup.

Whether you are a single medical practice in Bellingham, Everett, Redmond, Seattle, Tacoma or Washington or part of a larger group or network, Bio Clean has the right medical waste disposal plan for you.

Tacoma, Washington Medical Waste Disposal is effective and affordable. Contact us today for details on medical waste disposal in Tacoma, Washington.

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