Seattle-Tacoma Death Scene Cleanup: Compassion is Key

Bio Clean is a Tacoma-Seattle death scene cleanup resource that has been serving these communities since 1998. We have developed a wide reach, so we can now provide death scene cleanups in Bellingham and Olympia as well. Our emergency hotline is up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we swiftly respond to emergency calls whenever we receive them.

Simply being willing to provide this type of service is one thing, but there is an emotional side of the equation. In many cases, we interact with surviving family members at the scene of a homicide or suicide. Imagine the devastation that people feel when they are having these types of experiences.

Everyone on our team got into this line of work because they care about others. We have the ability to communicate our sincere empathy in no uncertain terms, and our clients consistently express their appreciation to us after we complete death scene cleanup assignments. This is very gratifying, and it provides motivation for us each and every day.

Experience and Certifications

Some of the Seattle death scene cleanup work that we do is on private property or in motor vehicles. At the same time, homicides and other types of violent deaths can take place in businesses, public places, schools, etc. Many of these entities have their own in-house maintenance and cleaning crews. You may assume that they can handle these situations on their own, but in fact, this is not the case.

Blood and other bodily fluids and human tissue are considered to be biohazardous materials. This is because of the fact that diseases such as hepatitis and HIV can be transferred through this matter. It takes specialized training to be able to effectively provide death scene cleanup assistance, and certifications are required if you want to be licensed to address these situations.

Ordinary maintenance crews that do routine cleanup work are good at what they do. However, they are not going to have the expertise and the certifications that we have as a professional death scene cleanup company.

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We certainly hope that you never need our services, but we will be standing at the ready to provide a speedy response if you find yourself in a difficult position. You can reach one of our dedicated Seattle death scene cleanup professionals around the clock at 888-920-1978.

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