Olympia, WA Crime Scene Clean Up: It’s Different in Real Life

Our company, Bio Clean, has been providing crime scene clean up services in Olympia and Bellingham, Washington for many years, and we entered into this business to provide a valuable service. When you watch a drama on television, you see various professionals running around in the background when a violent crime has been committed. The affected area is cordoned off with that yellow tape, and you see crime scene experts conducting tests and taking pictures as the body is prepared for transportation to the coroner’s office.

The assumption would be that somehow the crime scene is restored to its original condition after all of the activity has ceased. In fact, there is no governmental agency that assumes responsibility for crime scene clean up in Washington. The family of the victim, or the person who is responsible for the building, would have to find an independent crime scene clean up resource.

If the crime took place in a commercial environment, there will often be cleanup crews on staff, but they are not qualified to handle biohazard clean up situations. Blood and other bodily fluids can carry pathogens that spread diseases like various different forms of hepatitis and the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). This matter must be removed in accordance with established standards, and there are also disposal regulations. Under these circumstances, a professional crime scene clean up resource would be necessary.

Sadly, murders and suicides are an unfortunate fact of life. Family members are left behind to deal with the aftermath emotionally, and this can be devastating. The people here at Bio Clean understand the fact that people who are in this situation are undergoing extremely traumatic experiences. When we are called upon to provide residential crime scene cleanup services in Olympia or the Seattle-Tacoma-Redmond metropolitan area, we take a great deal of empathy with us. Our team members are highly experienced, thoroughly trained crime scene clean up experts, but they are also kind, caring and considerate individuals.

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We sincerely hope that you never have to contact us, but there are real life human beings behind the statistics that you read about homicides, suicides, and violent crimes that cause significant injuries. If you ever need a crime scene clean up in Seattle, Bellingham, or Olympia, you can get in touch with us by phone at 888-412-6300.

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