Medical Waste Disposal and Biohazard Cleanup in Seattle, Washington and Nearby Cities

Bio Clean provides medical waste disposal throughout Mt Vernon WA, Olympia WA, Redmond, Seattle, Tacoma and Washington. They are a bio hazard remediation and waste disposal company and they have many years’ experience dealing with medical waste.

Medical Waste Disposal, Biohazard Cleanup, Seattle, WashingtonMedical waste by its nature is a risky business. Medical waste contains infectious materials and can pose serious health risks if not dealt with properly.  There are strict regulations in place that need to be followed and adhered to when it comes to medical waste disposal. It is the responsibility of a medical practices or facilities to ensure they comply with these regulations.

Bio Clean can take care of your medical waste disposal. Whether you are a hospital, medical clinic, veterinary clinic or private practice, they can help. They take over the responsibility of your medical waste and they will ensure you are compliant. It does not matter if you are a large hospital or a small tattoo and piercing shop, Bio Clean can take care of your medical waste.

An important part of medical waste is sharps disposal. Sharps include needles, scalpels, capillary tubes, dental wires and more. The items pose additional risk as they can easily cut or pierce skin.  This increases the risk of infection. Sharps can be contaminated and contain viruses such as HIV, Hepatitis B and many others. Bio Clean crews are well trained and experienced, and they know how to deal with sharps and related items. They use puncture resistant containers as week as personal protective equipment when dealing with medical waste and the disposal of sharps. They label and document everything according to regulations and guidelines.

If you need professional medical waste disposal in Mt Vernon WA, Olympia WA, Redmond, Seattle, Tacoma or Washington, then you need look no further than Bio Clean.

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