Disaster Response

Whether you work for the Port Authority or have recently visited one of our parks, you understand how important it is to keep our public places safe and clean. We understand the threats that decontaminate in public places provides to our community. At Bio-Clean Inc., our team is certified, and we follow all rules and regulations to the letter. We clean up places that have been exposed to medical waste, feces, sewage, pests, rodents, sharps, narcotics, and other contaminants in our surrounding areas like Washington, Seattle, Bellingham, Mt. Vernon, WA, Kent, WA, and Everett. Our team manages to keep public disaster response looking nice for the following reasons: 

Biohazard Cleanup person on a Disaster Response in Bellingham
  • Clean-up of a Transient Encampment 

The homeless frequently leave not only their waste behind, but also dig a shallow hole in the ground to use as a potty. It’s critical to remember that the homeless have rights to their goods, so we bag and store them properly at the DOT until they can reclaim them within the 45-day deadline. 

  • Disposal of Port Waste 

We have been trained and accredited to appropriately dispose of rubbish brought in from other countries. Our team is prepared to deal with potentially contagious garbage and debris, as well as any creatures that may be present. Aside from the potential for feces and urine, a stowaway could bring along other potentially dangerous microorganisms.  

  • Droppings from birds 

Humans can become unwell from bird and bat droppings. The most dangerous element of bird and bat droppings is not the viruses conveyed in the excrement, but the organisms and erosion that might grow in an area where there are a lot of them.  

Bird droppings can gather and constitute a public safety issue in public parks with bridges, benches beneath trees, playgrounds, pavilions, and, in our area, docks out to the water. Bio Clean Inc., can come in and clean up any dangerous bird droppings in these places, keeping the public safe. 

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