Crime Scene Cleaners in Tacoma, Kent WA, Bellingham, and all the Surrounding Areas

Every time that a violent incident happens in any place, one of the very first people to reach the place is policemen. After they have finished their work it is the crime scene cleaners who take over and start to remove all traces of the incident as soon as possible to help society move on and heal. We, at Bio Clean, Inc., bring to you our expert services in this regard. Our employees are trained to handle the work with utmost care and sensitivity which is often the key to getting the task done quickly. They perform their duties swiftly and make it a point not to get in the way of people’s lives. We provide our services in the areas of Everett, Tacoma, Washington, Bellingham, Olympia WA, and Seattle. 

Crime Scene Cleaners in Tacoma, Kent WA, Bellingham

Here, we have put together 3 important activities that are performed by professionals who make places hygienic after a violent incident has taken place. Take a look. 

  • Use of Deodorizers and Sanitizers 

Professionals, firstly clean the place using deodorizers which remove foul smells from the air and make the area breathable again. They sanitize the place using industrial chemicals and sanitizers to make sure that there are no marks of the incident. 

  • Removal of Residues 

It often happens that after a violent incident has taken place there are residues of particles left on the surroundings. Experts use various machines and detectors to make sure no residue is left even by mistake as such particles can even unwanted memories for victims. 

  • Disinfection of the Surroundings 

The last activity performed is the disinfection of the place itself as well as of the surroundings which is marked out in the form of a radius with the center as the place of the incident. Industrial solvents and disinfectants are used to be absolutely sure of the results. 

So, if there is a situation around you that needs the work of such professionals then you should get in touch with us as soon as possible.  

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