Bellingham, Everett, WA Medical Waste Disposal

Bio Clean can help you with medical waste disposal in Bellingham, Everett, Redmond, Seattle, Tacoma and Washington.  They are a licensed and certified bio-hazardous cleanup contractor and they offer a comprehensive range of cleanup and decontaminations services including medical waste disposal and trauma scene cleanup.

Medical waste contains potentially infectious materials such as blood-soaked bandages, cultures, swabs, discarded surgical gloves, discarded instruments, discarded needles, removed organs, human tissue and more. These waste products must be dealt with carefully and in accordance with laws and regulations.

When it comes to medical waste disposal they offer safe and customisable programs to collect and dispose of your bio-hazardous waste.  They offer scheduled collections programs as well as mail-in options. The offer cost effective medical waste disposal programs for doctors’ surgeries, dental surgeries, hospitals, hospices, clinics, nursing homes, home health care agencies, pharmacies, veterinary clinics, laboratories, funeral homes and more.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your medical waste disposal is compliant and you no longer need to worry about it. They offer professional pickup, treatment and disposal of all medical waste including red bag and sharps. They provide you with properly labeled containers. You place your medical waste in the containers and they do the rest.

Medical waste is a biohazard. It poses a risk to people as well as the environment. When it comes to medical waste disposal you want to work with a licensed and bonded company. You want to work with an accredited and trusted provider who offers complaint and affordable medical waste disposal solutions. Bio Clean operates a truck route service and will collect, treat and dispose of your medical waste in a safe and compliant manner. They also offer a mail back service. They also provide you with the proper documentation and certification related tour medical waste disposal.


Bellingham, Everett, WA Medical Waste Disposal from Bio Clean is efficient, thorough, and affordable. Contact us today about medical waste disposal.

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